Prof. Pascal Meylan


Pascal Meylan was associate professor (now emeritus) in Microbiology and Infectious Diseases. He trained in microbiology, internal medicine and infectious diseases In Lausanne and San Diego. He performed research in experimental pyelonephritis, susceptibility testing to antibiotics, HIV and M. tuberculosis infection of macrophages. He turned later toward clinical research on viral infections such as herpes and CMV infection in particular in transplant patients, and was a founding member of the Swiss Transplant Cohort Study.

He has been a member and the president of the Eidgenossisches Fach Kommission für Biologische Sicherheit (EFBS), and still presides its Gene Therapy Working group. As a retired person, beside some residual tasks in his professional field, he is mostly enjoying choral music, aerobic exercising such as biking, walking and cross country skying, taking care of his grand children, and natural sciences, mostly astronomy and geology.