Your contribution to SwissTB will directly help Swiss researchers in tuberculosis, either in form of research subsidies for selected scientific research projects or in form of the personal SwissTB Award. Selection of the research projects and attribution of the award is done by scientific experts according to the scientific value and the relevance of the work.

Donations, which are in general tax exempted, are welcome on the SwissTB bank account:
IBAN CH630024024051706901D
UBS, 1227 Carouge


We thank the previous main sponsors for their large contributions:
  • Cantonal Lung Leagues, in particular Lunge Zurich (total SFR 60'000 to date)
  • Bernard Nicod, (SFR 20'000)
  • Carl and Mathilde Thiel Foundation, Küsnacht
  • Eoleinspire sarl (SFR 10'000)