2019 Swiss TB Award

Every year since 2002, the Swiss Foundation for Tuberculosis Research awards the CHF 10'000 Swiss TB Award for outstanding work by Swiss researchers. This year's winners are Ms Kathrin Zürcher and Ms Marie Ballif from the ISPM in Berne with their recently published important work in the Lancet Journal on the importance of a corrective testing of tuberculosis pathogens for drug resistance to treatment outcomes. This has a decisive influence on their survival, especially in multi-resistant (MDR) tuberculosis or extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis. - Read more

2018 SwissTB Award

The 2018 SwissTB Award goes to two scientists: Dr. Andrej Trauner, Swiss TPH, and Dr. Anna Rominski, Institut für Medizinische Mikrobiologie Universität Zürich - Read more

2017 SwissTB Award's Special Prize

Kathrin Zürcher gets a special prize of CHF 1'000 for her publication: "Tuberculosis Mortality and Living Conditions in Bern, Switzerland, 1856-1950" - Read more

2017 SwissTB Award

Dr. Paul Murima and Dr. Michael Zimmermann - Read more

2016 SwissTB Award's Special Prize

Christian Schürer gets a special prize for the amount of CHF 1'000 for his dissertation: "Der Traum von Heilung" (Historisches Seminar, University of Zürich). - Read more

2016 SwissTB Award

Dr. Mireia Coscolla - Read more

2015 SwissTB Award

Dr. med., Dr. nat. med. Jan Rynbiker - Read more

2015 SwissTB Award

PhD Giulia Manina - Read more

2014 SwissTB Award

PhD Sònia Borrell - Read more

2014 SwissTB Award

PhD Olga T. Schubert - Read more

2013 SwissTB Award

Dr. Lukas Fenner - Read more

2013 SwissTB Award

PhD Ruben C. Hartkoorn - Read more

2012 SwissTB Award

Dr. Alexandre Harari - Read more

2011 SwissTB Award

Dr. Neeraj Dhar - Read more

2010 SwissTB Award

Dr. Claudia Sala - Read more

2009 SwissTB Award

Dr. Wilfried Weber - Read more

2008 SwissTB Award

Nicole Scherr and Dr. Srinivas Honnappa - Read more

2007 SwissTB Award

Dr. Corinne Loeuillet - Read more

2006 SwissTB Award

Dr. Claudia Tueller und Dr. Reto Guler - Read more

2005 SwissTB Award

Drs. Liem Nguyen, Anne Walburger, Giorgio Ferrari, Anil Koul - Read more

2004 SwissTB Award

Dr. Andreas Diacon - Read more

2003 SwissTB Award

Prof. Dr. Gaby Pfyffer - Read more

2002 SwissTB Award

Maria Olleros - Read more