2018 SwissTB Award

The 2018 SwissTB Award goes to two scientists: Dr. Andrej Trauner, Swiss TPH, and Dr. Anna Rominski, Institut für Medizinische Mikrobiologie Universität Zürich - Read more

2017 SwissTB Award's Special Prize

Kathrin Zürcher gets a special prize of CHF 1'000 for her publication: "Tuberculosis Mortality and Living Conditions in Bern, Switzerland, 1856-1950" - Read more

2017 SwissTB Award

Dr. Paul Murima and Dr. Michael Zimmermann - Read more

2016 SwissTB Award's Special Prize

Christian Schürer gets a special prize for the amount of CHF 1'000 for his dissertation: "Der Traum von Heilung" (Historisches Seminar, University of Zürich). - Read more

2016 SwissTB Award

Dr. Mireia Coscolla - Read more

2015 SwissTB Award

Dr. med., Dr. nat. med. Jan Rynbiker - Read more

2015 SwissTB Award

PhD Giulia Manina - Read more

2014 SwissTB Award

PhD Sònia Borrell - Read more

2014 SwissTB Award

PhD Olga T. Schubert - Read more

2013 SwissTB Award

Dr. Lukas Fenner - Read more

2013 SwissTB Award

PhD Ruben C. Hartkoorn - Read more

2012 SwissTB Award

Dr. Alexandre Harari - Read more

2011 SwissTB Award

Dr. Neeraj Dhar - Read more

2010 SwissTB Award

Dr. Claudia Sala - Read more

2009 SwissTB Award

Dr. Wilfried Weber - Read more

2008 SwissTB Award

Nicole Scherr and Dr. Srinivas Honnappa - Read more

2007 SwissTB Award

Dr. Corinne Loeuillet - Read more

2006 SwissTB Award

Dr. Claudia Tueller und Dr. Reto Guler - Read more

2005 SwissTB Award

Drs. Liem Nguyen, Anne Walburger, Giorgio Ferrari, Anil Koul - Read more

2004 SwissTB Award

Dr. Andreas Diacon - Read more

2003 SwissTB Award

Prof. Dr. Gaby Pfyffer - Read more

2002 SwissTB Award

Maria Olleros - Read more